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  • Current state analysis
  • Identification of inefficiencies
  • Potential assessment
  • Directions of improvement activities


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  • Development training
  • Project workshops   
  • Implementation workshops
  • Results reviews


Lasting Growth


  • Lean Management
  • Continuous improvement culture
  • Efficient and effective processes
  • Conscious employees


Build competencies


  • Exchange of experiences
  • Skills development
  • Transfer of practical knowledge
  • Influence on attitude and commitment


Build competencies


  • Development programs
  • Individual consultations
  • Workshop training
  • Participants’ projects


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Lean games

We are the Polish leader in Lean simulation games

We lead the way in building awareness of improvement using our copyrighted Lean Management simulation games.

LeanQTeam simulation games perfectly combine theory and practice. In an attractive way they engage players in thinking and acting in accordance with the principles of kaizen. They are a great tool to familiarize yourself with both the concept and Lean tools. The use of simulation games in the education of young people is a fantastic tool assisting in the development of students’ attitudes and skills, which are desired by employers in almost every industry. By engaging in the game, students learn the concept of implementing lean management and at the same time develop soft skills, such as: planning skills, time management, critical thinking, problem solving as well as creativity. I recommend them as tools inspiring young people in self-development and simultaneously as support in developing competencies of the future.

Karina Janisz
Vocational Training Center in Nowy Sącz

Simulation games organised by LeanQTeam focus on the micro and macro scale in the company. On the micro scale, we are coming down to a single operation, we improve it. Next we examine the impact on the process and effects of the operation of the entire company, which is the macro scale. It changes and broadens the perspective, increases the business awareness of the participants. As a result, we see that each operation matters.

Adam Marynkiewicz
Deputy Director – Pomeranian Development Agency

The use of simulation games makes the training less monotonous and not boring. It requires commitment and develops creativity, which allows for the progress of participants. Thanks to simulation games, training is better understood and remembered, and the acquired knowledge and skills are easier to use in everyday work.

Leszek Zieliński
Production manager – Goodvalley

Each activity during training enriches it. By introducing a simulation game into the program, it is easier for the trainer to engage the participants. The training involving the game is very well received by the participants, and according to them, it is easier to assimilate the knowledge that the trainer intends to pass on.

Agnieszka Dorawa
Lean Coordinator – Goodvalley

In our organisation we started the process of building the Lean Management culture with a simulation game prepared by the LeanQ Team. The effects were impressive. The game perfectly prepared the team for the next Lean Management classes and workshops. In a natural and direct way, employees could see the potential of teamwork and the impact of Lean tools on improving efficiency.

Dariusz Machulski
President of the Management Board – Furniko

The Architect’s game, preceded by a good theoretical introduction, activates imagination and encourages to question the status quo. Inviting representatives from all areas of the company to the game allows much broader look at the process merely through the scope of duties, and understand that each one of us has an influence on when and which end product will the customer receive.

Jolanta Dębska-Zega
Managing Director of Laboratories – J.S. Hamilton Poland

The simulation games which we had the pleasure to conduct with LeanQ Team are not only great fun, in which employees discover and learn about waste. Primarily, it is understanding of the Lean Management philosophy, and consequently a much greater adaptation to changes. The changes which significantly increase the efficiency as well as improve the comfort of work of the employees themselves. Management in the spirit of Lean is fully possible when it is met with understanding of the staff. Simulation games are a very good empirical method in which employees willingly participate. I recommend it.

Jarosław Tarczyński
Director of the Management Board – Durable

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