Author: Joanna Czerska Publisher: LeanQ Team Publication date: 2014 (wydanie II) Number of pages: 259 Sizes: 210 x 297 mm ISBN: 978-83-938415-1-6 Order

About author:

JOANNA CZERSKA – PhD Eng. in economic sciences, a specialist in Lean Management. Since 2003, she has managed the consulting firm LeanQ Team. She also cooperates with Gdańsk University of Technology as a lecturer and coordinator of joint projects. As a partner in the Sustainable Performance Improvement network she develops international cooperation projects for businesses in Europe and their affiliated branches around the world. She has successfully delivered hundreds of training seminars, workshops and projects in the field of Lean Management, educating human resources and supporting Polish and foreign companies in their efficiency oriented efforts. She specialises in improving manufacturing, logistic and service processes. She gained her experience in various job positions, including as a production organisation specialist, production director, lecturer at Gdańsk University of Technology, service company manager and an advisor of international concerns and Polish enterprises: from listed companies to family businesses.

About book

In her book the author shares her own knowledge and experience, showing the reader some tried and tested courses of action and solutions aimed at improving the efficiency of the order handling process, otherwise known as the value stream. The book is targeted primarily at managers who are looking for solutions to improve their companies’ financial performance. It is also a must-read for all those who have been faced with the task of reducing inventories and improving production efficiency and productivity. The publication deals with how the companies operate and with real problems encountered by every person who has ever been involved in the order handling process. The book is intended for individuals who look for solutions and a source of inspiration to improve their organisations.