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In my opinion, the definite benefit and added value that we bring after in-company training allows us to conclude that 5S is not a system consisting solely of cleaning. This is definitely a "mind set" and the basis for gaining control over the process. Generally, this type of training should take place at every level of an organization that has employees’ development at its heart.

Karol Wojciechowski
Warehouse Manager II

Even though I participated in a similar training for the second time, I consider it very successful. Splendidly conducted and very well organized. The exchange of information and experiences with the participants brought inestimable value. It was an excellent idea to combine the training with a factory tour, thanks to which we could see how Lean tools work in a "living organism" and the and the tangible benefits brought by their use in the everyday life of the factory.

Daniel Dontsch
Head of the Electronics Department, ESD Coordinator

In my opinion, the training that is currently taking place at the factory is even more interesting because the training participants can be inspired by the ideas implemented in a given company. It is one thing to hear about new Lean solutions and tools, but it is another thing to see them in practice. From my perspective I highly recommend this course of training.

Hanna Willma
Quality and Lean Specialist

My impression of the factory training is very positive. A tour of the factory shows us the theory and practice of Lean Management. I am convinced that this will help in production mapping process, improving it and eliminating unnecessary actions. It is a great experience that helps direct your thinking and openness to change. Great people and great atmosphere – I recommend it.

Tomasz Koślik
Shift Supervisor

One of the best training courses I have ever participated in on Lean Management. A large dose of theoretical and practical knowledge. Thanks to the opportunity to visit the production plant, you can see how Lean tools are used in practice. The host took care of the comfort and well-being of the participants. The excellent way of conducting the workshop allowed for remembering and organizing the information.

Michał Bryłka
Continues Improvement Manager

The training at the factory was very professionally prepared. Both the speaker and the company representative explained the training topics in detail and presented how 5S was introduced in the company. Thanks to a company tour, it was possible to gain not only theoretical knowledge, but also valuable advice from leaders. The meeting was enriched with a simulation game and discussions with other course participants. The training allowed me to look at 5S from a different perspective, which I hope will translate into passing this knowledge on in my company.

Aleksandra Adamowicz
Productivity Specialist