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Training "5S – elimination of waste in practice" was carried out very professionally, substantially and informally. I felt like I was participating in a friendly meeting in which I learned a lot. Despite the knowledge which the trainer wanted to pass on to us, he also left a lot of room for discussion. These dialogues are all the more valuable because I was able to talk and exchange experiences with other participants of the classes – great.

Bogdan Kulwicki
Head of the Department of Mechanical Working, Regeneration and Toolroom

Open LeanQTeam training courses "Adaptation of New Employees" and "Competency Matrix" are definitely worth recommending. As an HR Business partner of a production company, I participated in them together with managers of production departments. Both the method of transferring of knowledge as well as the substantive content are prepared in such a way that also people from outside the HR area, quickly learn about the matter and understand the need to cooperate with the HR department in this area. After the training, the need to implement the presented tools in the company became obvious. In order for the work to run smoothly, we also ordered such training for the production foremen departments in a closed form. We didn't have to wait long for the results.

Ewa Rulka
HR Business Partner

Great training with a completely different approach to Lean and 5S. The training was an open training, which gave the participants the opportunity to exchange valuable experiences and dispel any doubts. Interesting practical games, showing that conversation and cooperation at all levels gives quick solutions. I recommend.

Magdalena Iwaszkiewicz
Warehouse Team Leader

I had the pleasure to participate in the training "Kaizen as a Mechanism of Continuous Improvement".  The training was carried out in a very clear way, I hope, for every participant. The lecturer perfectly conveyed his knowledge and skills, and in a perfect manner arranged the process of exchanging experiences. We, as strangers to each other, through the willingness to participate in such training and the involvement of the trainer, created a Team that was able to cooperate with each other, which triggered a powerful end result when playing together. The training allowed me to complete my knowledge, which made me to look at some topics and problems differently than before. I recommend.  

Artur Gdaniec
Quality Manager

I had the pleasure to participate in the training "Adaptation of New Employees" and "Matrix of Vompetences". The courses conducted in a great atmosphere. Information provided thoroughly and professionally. A perfectly arranged process of exchanging experiences between training participants. The training definitely met my expectations. With absolute certainty I will be happy to take part in other courses of this type. I recommend.

Alina Kupny
Human Resources Specialist

The training "Adaptation of New Employees in the company" perfectly combined theoretical knowledge and practice. It allowed me to understand how to shape adaptation processes in order to build a committed team and contributed to the reduction of rotation. It is one of those courses from which I not only learn "dry facts" but I felt remarkably inspired to act. Thank you!

Magdalena Czapska
HR Specialist

I had the pleasure to take part in the "Visual Results Management" training and I must say that I am very pleased with this fact. Why? Well, because: the training conducted in an easily understandable and comprehensive manner; exercises in the course of theory lessons reflect it perfectly and allow you to understand it from a practical, not only theoretical point of view; the atmosphere among the training participants very relaxed, pleasant, and at the same time enabling the exchange of experiences. And the trainer – a great guy, specific, wise and at the same time open to reflections, statements and ideas of others. If I have the opportunity to participate in LeanQ Team training, I will certainly take the chance and recommend it !!!

Patrycja Poraszka
Lean Specialist