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What is this?

An audit is an independent diagnosis, the result of which is the determination of actions necessary to achieve the strategic or budgetary goals of the enterprise.

The audit may also concern selected aspects of the company’s operations or implemented but ineffective solutions.

Thanks to our experience in various positions, realisations of implementations in many branches of industry and with companies with various needs, our audits give the possibility of benchmarking with the best in the industry.

Purpose of the audit

The purpose of the audit is to indicate the direction and agree on the scope of a roadmap of changes aimed at reaching the company’s goals.

Who for?

For those who are facing the challenge of significant changes, a new strategy or an ambitious budget. For those who want to make decisions based on data and facts as well as plan the most effective path to achieve the company’s goals.

Audit’s scope

The scope of the audit covers the assessment of the current state of selected areas and guidelines for their improvement (estimated potential, possible lines of action, tools for improvement).


What is this?

A series of training-design implementation workshops aimed at achieving a specific goal.

The purpose of the project

The purpose of the project is to introduce permanent changes in the way the team works by involving employees in assessing the situation, designing solutions, remodelling and simplifying of processes.

Who for?

For those who had a goal set before them but the team lacks the knowledge or skills to achieve it and ensure the sustainability of solutions.

The range of cooperation

The project plan is preceded by analysis of the current state of affairs in the context of the goals set. In the course of the project, the team acquires knowledge and skills, uses them to design solutions, their implementation and maintenance. The project ends with a cycle of reviews aimed at ensuring the durability of solutions and achieving the assumed goal.


What is this?

Transformation is the process of metamorphosis from a traditionally managed into a lean culture managed organisation. It is a process of building a new organisational culture in which not only business goals and  wisdom of managers are important, but also people who achieve them through their daily work.

Purpose of transformation

The goal of transformation is to rebuild the attitudes and methods of operation of teams and their managers, change of management mechanisms, development the team’s processes and competences necessary to follow the company’s vision and strategy.

Who for?

For enterprises which believe that without a thorough change in the way the organisation functions, strategic goals will be very hard or even impossible to reach. For those who recognise that their teams move in different directions, employees avoid responsibility and managers are stuck in silos.

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    Our educational activity

    In our work, we do not limit ourselves to achieving business goals. As part of our sense of social responsibility, we focus heavily on education,  from school children, through universities, to managers of Polish enterprises. Our educational activity aims to provide domestic companies with effective staff, increasing their competitiveness in an increasingly demanding market.


    We inspire by organizing the first conference in Pomerania, “A Pole can! Lean in Polish reality ”and sharing our experience


    We share our knowledge and experience regarding the transformation of enterprises in the spirit of Lean organising business seminars and

    Postgraduate studies

    We work with universities (including Gdansk University of Technology, WSB University and Białystok University of Technology) as content partners of

    Youth education

    The LeanQ Team is the founder and strategic partner of the Lean Education Foundation – an organisation which connects lean

    Books and publications

    Our trainers and consultants are authors of books on the culture of continuous improvement, authors of development and educational programs