Identification of bottlenecks and their impact on the throughput of the process is vital for any business. With our uncomplicated BOTTLENECK® game, 20 minutes will suffice to explain the bottleneck mechanism, and show the players how to identify and mitigate such obstacles. The game can also be used as an introduction to Standardised Work.

The game can be used in the production and office environment.


Game description Game description


Difficulty level: easy

Number of rounds: 2

Purpose: showing the impact of instability in the process on its results.

Rules of the game: Groups of 5-6 players simulate the process of varying volatility, analyse the results and (during improvement actions) make decisions about how to ensure the process outcome that they have assumed.

The game is based on the role played by the bottleneck mechanism (as described by Eliyahu Goldratt) in serial processes, with an additional element of job positions’ instability.

Additional information Additional information

Number of players: 5 - 18 people
Duration time: 15 - 45 min
Zawartość zestawu:

  • Equipment
  • Game instruction
  • PPT presentation

Tools Tools

  • Constraints management
  • Standardised Work

Purchasing options Purchasing options

  • PLN 1 800 net –3 sets of the game + unlimited launches + trainer instructions
  • LeanQ Team also conducts open and closed training seminars which use the game (the purchase is not obligatory)
  • The BOTTLENECK® game is a registered trademark of the LeanQ Team. Using, copying and distributing the BOTTLENECK® game without LeanQ Team’s licence will be treated as a violation of property rights and copyright of the LeanQ Team.