Departments/Teams fight against one another rather than cooperate?

By using the GOAL! game you can teach your people how to score for one team, and together move even higher up the scoresheet.

The game can be used in the production, office and warehouse environment.



Game description Game description

Difficulty level: easy

Ilość rund: 8

Purpose: showing how important it is for any company/department to appropriately define its own goals that are consistent with the corporate strategy.

Rules of the game: the game is played by 4 teams of at least 4 members. It is a strategy game, and players make different decisions based on the guidelines. They communicate these decisions on two sheets: red or green. After each round, each team enters the result in the scorecard. At the end, the teams add up their scores, and the scores are discussed and summarised by all players. The best team wins.

Additional information Additional information

Number of players: 4 - 12 people
Duration time: 30 - 60 min - depending on the number of players
Zawartość zestawu:

  • Cards
  • Equipment
  • Instructions
  • Forms
  • PPT presentation
  • Consumables in electronic version

Tools Tools

  • Cross-department communication

Purchasing options Purchasing options

  • PLN 900 net – 3 sets of the game  + 2 launches + trainer instructions
    PLN 2 900 net – 1-day workshop training: preparation for independent management of the game
  • LeanQ Team also conducts open and closed training seminars which use the game (the purchase is not obligatory)