Kanban (pull system) is a tool to balance flows with Customer orders.

Heijunka is a planning tool leading to the reduction in inventories.

Both systems make it possible to optimise the inventory level and create a mechanism of continuous improvement in production processes. The Block Inc. game uses the production process with parallel runs and restrictions in the form of changeovers, and so it simulates all these elements.

The game can be used in the production environment


Game description Game description

Difficulty level: medium

Number of rounds: 3

Purpose: presenting the principles of operation and implementation of the pull system and its components; acquaint players with the effects of the Kanban system application.

Rules of the game: The simulation uses a multi-thread process of production with one changeover workstation. This workstation makes it possible to analyse the process elasticity and see the impact of changeover times on the inventory level. While implementing changes, based on logistic and financial results, players can observe the effects of the pull system implementation in the organisation.

Roles in the game: the Customer, the Supplier, the Planner, the Logistic Officer and Production.

Additional information Additional information

Number of players: 9–12 people + observers
Duration time: 4–16 hours, depending on the scenario
Zawartość zestawu:

  • Cards
  • Equipment
  • Instructions
  • Forms
  • PPT presentation
  • Consumables in electronic version

Tools Tools

  • SMED
  • Kanban
  • Heijunka
  • Production Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Kaizen
  • PVM

Purchasing options Purchasing options

  • PLN 2 400 net – game kit + 3 launches + trainer instructions
    PLN 2 900 net – 1-day workshop training: preparation for independent management of the game
  • LeanQ Team also conducts open and closed training seminars which use the game (the purchase is not obligatory)
  • The BLOCK INC® game is a registered trademark of the LeanQ Team. Using, copying and distributing the BLOCK INC® game without LeanQ Team’s licence will be treated as a violation of property rights and copyright of the LeanQ Team.