Manual work requires great standardisation in order to obtain reproducible results in terms of time and quality.

The SWITCH® game focuses primarily on the analysis of working methods and the structure of job descriptions based on the principles governing the structure of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The game is a perfect tool for successful seminars on how to improve on-the-job training with the use of the TWI method.

The game can be used in the production environment, but it also suits the needs of the office environment.


Game description Game description

Difficulty level: medium

Number of rounds: 3

Purpose: the training aims to present the methodology for building standards and documentation (Standardised Work cards).

Rules of the game: players are divided into teams of 4 persons. Their task is to develop a standard work method, describe it and train other participants in its implementation. During the game players analyse their working methods in search of the best and the simplest one. Then they develop training Work Instructions (for the instructor) and individual Job Descriptions. The game ends with on-the-job training for a new employee.

Additional information Additional information

Number of players: 4 - 16 people
Duration time: 2–4 hours
Zawartość zestawu:

  • Equipment
  • Instructions
  • Forms
  • PPT presentation
  • Consumables in electronic version

Tools Tools

Standardised Work

Purchasing options Purchasing options

  • PLN 1 800 net – 4 sets of the game + 3 launches + trainer instructions
    PLN 2 900 net – 1-day workshop training: preparation for independent management of the game
  • LeanQ Team also conducts open and closed training seminars which use the game (the purchase is not obligatory)
  • For the TWI practice we are also suggesting the purchase of the game IGEL® to the set.
  • The SWITCH® game is a registered trademark of the LeanQ Team. Using, copying and distributing the SWITCH® game without LeanQ Team’s licence will be treated as a violation of property rights and copyright of the LeanQ Team.