Variability of time and quality of task completion at workstations is a problem that must be solved with the involvement of employees. It is they who are able to monitor any factors influencing the variability of the process, and their additional advantage is the fact that they remain constant observers of the process.

The CATAPULTS game makes it possible to prepare employees to cooperate in the elimination of the workstation’s variability.

The game can be used in the production and office environment.


Game description Game description


Difficulty level: easy

Number of rounds: 2

Purpose: the game simulates a process variability analysis and a mechanism of seeking standardised work methods, standard work implementation and the basics of on-the-job training.

Rules of the game: work is done in groups of four, whose task is to determine the target operation parameters for a piece of equipment (the catapult) in such a way that any player in the game could achieve the same result within a pre-set time frame. An additional requirement is the training time of a “new employee” which must not exceed 2 minutes.

Additional information Additional information

Number of players: 4–12 people
Duration time: 4 hours
Zawartość zestawu:

  • Equipment
  • Instructions
  • Forms
  • PPT presentation
  • Consumables in electronic version

Tools Tools

  • Standardised Work
  • Six Sigma
  • Poka Yoke

Purchasing options Purchasing options

  • PLN 2 800 net – 4 sets of the game  + 2 launches + trainer instructions
    PLN 2 900 net – 1-day workshop training: preparation for independent management of the game
  • LeanQ Team also conducts open and closed training seminars which use the game (the purchase is not obligatory)