Standardisation Manual is an implementation manual that guides the reader through the implementation of Standardised Work at the company.

Standardised Work – is meant to unify task completion methods and times at individual workstations (so that they are always performed in the same manner, within the same time and with the same quality). It refers to:

• completion of operations
• completion of changeovers
• completion of maintenance activities
• organisation of work in the cell/line
• allocation of tasks and the number of people depending on the customer takt time (only applicable to cells)
• storage of material
• frequency and method for the supply of materials/semi-finished products/finished products

The Standardisation Manual covers the following topics:

• creation of work standards together and specimen Standardised Work cards
• guidelines for creating Standardised Work cards
• standardisation system
• employee training and classification as regards maintenance of work standards – workstation and validation exams
• rules for implementing new standards; updating work standards
• incentive system and employee development planning
• audits of the standardisation system
• standardisation measures

Some auxiliary files have been attached to the Standardisation Manual, including: specimen Standardised Work cards for: workstations/job positions, maintenance activities, changeovers, inspection, and flows; operation time measurement sheets, Standardised Work implementation audit charter, and many more ready-to-use sheets that are necessary during implementation.

Standardisation Manual kit contents:

• Standardised Work implementation manual (in paper form and on a CD)
• a CD with ready-to-use files