5-Whys. Method first handbook

5-Whys. Method first handbook
Autor: Martyna Brożyńska, Anna Lis, Krzysztof Kowal, Michał Szymczak Wydawca: 2K Consulting Liczba stron: 93 Wymiary: 147 x 210 mm ISBN: 978-83-939309-2-0 Zamów

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“5xWhys. Handbook” is the first manual for world-famous problem solving technique popularized by the founder of Toyota Industries CO. Ltd. Sakichi Toyoda. The method of solving problems by using a series of questions „why?” is the basis of all production and services management methods, as Lean Management, Six Sigma, Deming’s Total Quality Management, Toyota Production System, Total Production Maintenance and S & OP.
This book is also probably the first position based on research using the Kano model. This model allowed the separation of the basic characteristics which are expected from good handbook by readers.
If the authors’ experience could be summed up, the book would contain 50 years of practice and theories learned through hundreds of books and academic studies.
The book is addressed to anyone who want to continuously improve processes, people or himself. The keynote when writing the manual was to encourage reading not only executives and middle-level employees, but most of all employees directly supporting processes – because without them no improvements are not possible.

O Autorach:

MARTA BOŻYŃSKA – A graduated of the University of Łódź, Faculity of Economics and Sociology aw well as Faculty of Management, Socrates- Erasmus Scholar at the University of Tartu in Estonia. She is associated with Bosch and Simens Home Appliances, where she continues to gain experience in Qulity Management, supply chain management, lean production and TPM. Specialist and coacher in problem solving and risk analyses. A certified auditor ISO/TS 19949:2002 and VDA 6.3.Kaizen culture enthusiast.

ANNA LIS – A graduated of the Technical University of Łódź, Faculty of Food Chemisrty and Biotechnology. During the intership in Ecole Superieure d’Agriculture PUPRAN, France, she wrote her graduation work. On the Faculty of Organization and Management, Technical University of Łódź she copleted postgraduation studies. Employed in Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances. Expert in conducting audits according ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, VDA 6.1 and 6.3 standards (certified auditor)- Philips Lighting Poland (Automotive) and BSH.

MICHAŁ SZYMCZAK – A specialist in application of statistical methods in production companies, in particular reliability analyses ans SPC. Employed in Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances, experienced in Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt projects. Coacher in practical usage of statistics in MSA and SPC. A certified auditor ISO/TS 19949:2002 and VDA 6.3.

KRZYSZTOF KOWAL – A graduated of the Technical University of Łódź, Poland, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, specialist in marketing, production and quality. Two times winner of the competition „I have a great business idea” (1992,2001) and a winner of the best Polish marketing strategy (1999). He has 25 years experience in working with plastics, chemical, oil and building industries