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1. Could an open training session be booked in a closed training session version?

Yes. We carry out all our open training sessions also in a form of closed training sessions and workshop, adapting them to the individual needs of a Client.

2. Does the LeanQ Team organise workshop training on Client’s premises?

Yes. We organise workshops at the headquarters of the Client’s company when the goal is to jointly design and implement solutions dedicated to a Client.

3. What is the minimum and maximum number of people allowed in a closed training session?

A standard group consists of 4 to 12 people. However, these numbers may differ depending on the type of training, i.e. some training sessions involving simulation games may be carried out with up to 18 people or a multiple of the standard number of participants.

4. Does the LeanQ Team conduct audits of the entire organisation?

Yes, we conduct audits. The scope of the audit is always agreed on individually with the

5. Can LeanQ Team services be co-financed from public funds?

Yes. The LeanQ Team is authorised to implement consulting sessions, training and development projects financed under the ESF (European Social Fund) and training financially supported by KFS (National Training Fund). More about financing

6. Does the LeanQ Team have its own proprietary lean simulation games?

Yes. In Poland We are a leader in the field of building awareness through training sessions with our proprietary simulation games. More about games

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